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Death Route Through The Darien Gap

Documentary For Arte TV

The Darien Gap stretches between Colombia and Panama. A mountainous rainforest and now one of the world's most important migration routes. But it is dangerous: the paths are muddy and steep, and there are armed groups lurking all along the way.

A woman with a blue bucket hat holding a child that put its finger in its mouth
Darien Gap stretches between Colombia and Panama, showing the river and boats
Armed soldier sitting on a small boat in a river, looking into the distance

Expulsion From Europe's Largest Slum - The Cañada Real In Madrid

Documentary For Arte TV And Spiegel TV

The Cañada Real is considered the largest slum in Western Europe. Directly outside the gates of Spain's capital Madrid, several thousand people live without electricity or heating. Now they have to move: Because Madrid is expanding and the residents of the slums are in the way.

Happy man in red beanie holding a happy child in his hands
Image of Canada Real showing from "bird eye" the largest slum in Western Europe
Big pile of trash, where a teddy bear can distinctively be seen in the trash pile

Fast Fashion In The Desert: Mountains Of Garbage In The Atacama

Documentary For Arte

What ends up in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile is no longer wanted in Europe: clothing -  barely worn or even brand new. The country has become a turnover point for textiles from all over the world. What remains unsold is buried in the desert sand or burned - with fatal consequences for residents and the environment.

A wasteland full of trash with a fire in the background
Mountain of the garbage with the man at top of it
Single pink rollerblade in a wasteland setting

The Dinghy Guerrillas

Report For Die Zeit

In southeastern Colombia, former FARC fighters invite tourists to get into a boat with them - and raft on the Río Pato, where civil war raged for decades. Our author took the trip.

Rafting on the Río Pato river with Antonia
Rafting on the Río Pato river
Rafting on the Río Pato river

Luis Rubiales And Spain: A Country In Transition

Feature For Die Zeit

Government officials and even the UN have condemned Luis Rubiales for planting a kiss on a Spanish soccer player's lips. But those around him insist that he is innocent. What does the case mean for Spain?

Angry mob of people with signs and a megaphone
Painted version of a man kissing a Spanish female football player
Empty narrow street between building in a Spanish town

Flotsam - Cocaine On The Azores

Report For Stern Crime

A smuggler loses more than half a ton of cocaine on an island of the Azores. To this day - more than 20 years later - its residents are  feeling the effects.

Two men sitting on a concrete wall nearby a river, fishing, with a pile of concrete building materials in the middle of the water.
Treibgut video preview image
A plastic cup on rocky coast filled with cocaine

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